Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VCU GH2DP Honduras Trip: Final Post

17 villages we serve in Yoro; the villages appearing in color
are those that may benefit from the new water chlorination
system (see text) 
This will be my final post prior to coming home tomorrow; this has been a whirlwind trip filled with productive meetings and some great new potential projects.

One of the projects we are most excited about is a new water chlorination project; piggybacking on older technology that is currently in place, new chlorination systems may, once installed, provide clean drinking water to 6 of the 17 villages we are currently supplying with water filters. We hope the chlorinated water will provide more consistent access to clean water in a more sustainable, community-driven way.

The map above unfortunately is not high resolution but provides a sense of the potential impact of the chlorination systems. The villages that appear in color are those that would be supplied clean drinking water via the new systems; the villages in gray are those in which clean drinking water will continue to be supplied by our current water filter project.

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