Saturday, January 12, 2013

Congratulations Jim, Audrey and Jackie! VCU Students and Residents Present at the VA ACP Associates' Meeting

Congratulations to Audrey Le, Jackie Arquiette and Dr. Jim Pellerin, all of whom have done research with our group, who presented their respective research projects at the Virginia American College of Physicians Associates' Meeting today. Their research really spans the gamut of "Bugs, Drugs & Global Health."

Audrey Le presenting her research 
Audrey Le, a second year medical student at VCU, presented her project looking at indoor air pollution in and around the remote village of La Hicaca in northern Honduras. She found a link between stove location and respiratory symptoms, and her data will inform our future efforts to improve indoor air quality in this area.

Jackie Arquiette presenting her research 
Jackie Arquiette, also a second year VCU medical student, presented on her research looking at the clinical and microbiologic efficacy of our water filter program in this same area. She found decreased self-reported diarrheal illness in patients with water filters, and she found little diarrhea-genic bacteria in the water she tested from our water filters. Her findings support the continuation (and expansion) of our water filter program.

Dr. Jim Pellerin presenting his research 
Dr. Jim Pellerin, a VCU medicine resident, presented his findings categorizing and assessing compliance with antibiotic stewardship recommendations at our medical center. His findings are compelling and will help us refine our stewardship program efforts moving forward.

I know I speak for my research collaborators when I say we are very proud of all three of these very talented student and resident researchers.

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