Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 GH2DP Brigade: Initial Statistics

We are just getting back to Olanchito after a highly successful 5 days in the mountains of rural Honduras.

This year we saw approximately 330 adults (and another 360 children); we screened and provided anti-worm therapy to all adults and screened for diabetes, hypertension and anemia, as well.

We also distributed 150 water filters; 75% of the households across the 17 villages we serve now have access to clean drinking water. We also facilitated over 80 Pap smears.

We administered over 190 satisfaction surveys and over 170 Chagas disease surveys, as well.

Additionally, we provided education about the dangers of indoor air pollution and feedback about things people can do to improve respiratory health.

All in all a great 5 days in the mountains! Stay tuned for pictures and more information about the trip.

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